Hello world!

Let’s start by introducing myself. Hi! my name is Ana and I drink coffee like I drink water. I don’t consider myself “normal” (I don’t even know a proper definition of the word) I like to be me. I am uniquely strange, I don’t think like anyone else although I might share some opinions and views with others, I am my own self. I don’t judge people. We all make stupid decisions, we all have regrets and we are all HUMANS.

I am engaged to a wonderful man, one whom I am so happy to share  my complex personality with and one who understands and appreciates my strange ways.

I like to know random things, I am obsess with the brain and anything that has to do with it. I have a B.S in Cognitive Neuroscience with a minor in Biology (I wish I would’ve majored in Bio but it’s never too late). I am a social media junkie, I love Marketing, I also have a B.S in Multicultural Marketing. I love people from different ethnicities, people with different points of views and from different cultures.

I use the word LOVE a lot and I am very careful about using the word hate, I rather love everything than hate anything. This is me in a nutshell, a very small nutshell it would be far too much if I tried to explain who I am in a single post, so I guess that’s what this blog is for, if you have questions just ask!




any thoughts? :)

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