Future Vegan

I been meaning to become a Vegan for a little over a year now and I haven’t made the complete change, yet. Last year I said that 2012 would be the year and well 2012 is here and I am still trying to transition from flexitarian to vegan.

My reasons for wanting to become a vegan go beyond that of animal rights. It has to do with my health, eating red meat usually leaves me feeling sick and sluggish. I have never loved (red) meat all that much so giving it up should not to be that hard. I am not a meat lover, I eat chicken every once in a while and when I do I have a drum or wing, never the breast.

Weird thing is that although I eat meat 2-4 times a month the thought of “giving” it up makes me feel a bit uneasy. I enjoy burgers every once in a while and hot dogs are my absolutely favorite, chili cheese fries, what wouldn’t I do for some chili cheese fries! I get into this mode and I start thinking about all the foods that I enjoy and will miss if I were to become full vegan, the chili cheese fries won’t be the same without the cheese, right? and the hotdogs, what about the burgers?

Excuses! I know better than to make lousy excuses. There’s an entire vegan section at Whole Foods, where I can find “cheeze*” “burgers” “chiken*” and all sorts of meat substitutes. I love tofu and I know how to cook it and my fiancĂ© is a pro at coming up with vegan friendly meals. So what’s really holding me back? The lack of support I have received from friends and family? Fear of not being able to break my occasionally meat-eating habits? Perhaps its a mixture of both. Originally when I told people closest to me that I was thinking of become a vegan I was not ready for the reactions I got, my fiance was supportive, my friends thought I had lost my mind and they said it wouldn’t last.

It is February and I have started my transition from flexitarian to vegan. Will it be as easy as I thought? Definitely not, will it be worth it? Absolutely.


*words misspelled on purpose to denote that they are vegan


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  1. Kool, although ‘maybe’ you’ll never be vegan, at least you’re gonna give it a shot. Even if you make different choices ‘sometimes’ like choosing pepperoniless pizza, it’ll still help you eat heathier. Good luck!

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