I Yelped that!

Like the rest of the world, I love FOOD! I was introduced to yelp back in 2005 at a local fair, I stopped at their booth to see what they were all about and they were passing out Chapstick, to this day my favorite Chapstick EVER!!! (which reminds me I need to find out where they got theirs). I have become a loyal user since but I  didn’t get an account till 2010 and did not start writing reviews until late last year. Before I go any where I yelp it and I don’t visit restaurants or any place with less than 4 starts, there are times I’ll be a dare-devil and try the 3.5 only after I had read 5-10 reviews.

I could be driving down wicker park or Lincoln park or any side of town and if I see a restaurant’s name that sounds interesting I yelp it. I yelp anything and everything. I will be posting places I have yelped (and visited) soon!


any thoughts? :)

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