Apartment Hunting

This entire week I have spent it looking for apartments. I am getting married April 21th and although it might seem a little far away it is quickly approaching. We started looking for apartment the first week of February, I already seen a handful and let me tell you, there are some really UGLY ones out there.

I live in Chicago and like any big city it has its good neighborhoods and some really bad ones. The neighborhoods I would LOVE to live in, we can’t currently afford. A studio goes for $800-$1000, can someone say crazy? I love this city but I do not love city prices, its outrageous and don’t let me get started on parking!!! Parking in the city is my worse nightmare and I have to relive it everytime I go home.

So here is my wishlist for the apartment we are looking for:

  • Laundry on-site
  • Heat included
  • If Studio: big enough to divide into two separate areas (bedroom & living area)
  • If 1 bedroom: the room has to be big enough for our queen bed
  • Clean kitchen and bathroom (this is definitely not too much to ask for)
  • Parking (this is of course only a wish because parking in the city is my personal hell)


I have tried googling places where I can find apartments but with so many options how do I know which one is the best? I been using domu.com and some other sites and none have been useful. Apartment hunting has been a little frustrating but I am hopeful, I am determined to find a place I like.


any thoughts? :)

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