My Weekend

I am a youth leader at my church and this weekend we had our annual winter camp. Every year we drive over to our camp grounds located approx 3 hours away from Chicago. It’s a nice drive and nice scenery when you leave early enough to see it.  We left around 5:00 pm (which meant we had approx. 30 mins left of sunlight until it became pitch black, see pictures below for proof)

What it looked like when we left

We passed through a small town

We stopped by a Walmart to get some stuff, I decided to give this a try after a friend told me how amazing it tasted, she was not lying

What it looked like the rest of the way

 On our way back

 We went through St. Charles a lovely town outside of Chicago

I absolutely love the architecture there

Overall it was a great trip, I am a little tired and would love to have a day off work to rest and catch up on my sleep. I am looking forward to our Summer Camp in August. On our way back from the Mt. Carol we stopped at a thrift store, I’ll post what I got and my experience “thrifiting” since it was technically my first time.


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