We drove through St. Charles this weekend on our way back from Mt. Carol (see post here) and we decided to stop by a thrift store. I have always been interested in going to a  thrift store and I figure thrift stores in the suburbs are probably cleaner and nicer.

Thrift store in St. Charles

What it looked like inside

My find, I actually got two purses I didn’t take a picture of the other purse. They were both $3.99 so for under $10 I got two purses, I was pretty excited!

After work today I decided to go to a thrift store here in Chicago

Thrift stores in Chicago are a lot bigger and this one is organized and clean, unlike other ones I been to

How awesome is this? (I did not buy it though)  Seeing this made me feel super old

I was also tempted to buy this one to display on my bookshelf but I didn’t buy it either! I have a feeling I am going to regret not buying it, perhaps I’ll go back if my friend (the one holding the camera) doesn’t get it before me. Check out her blog:

I did buy these book stoppers, I bought a few other household items but this was my favorite purchase of the night. Until next time because there will be a next time, I like this whole thrifting idea.



    1. I am just getting into thrift stores. I have had bad experiences in the past, I am a bit of a neat freak and most of the thirfy stores I visited in the past were dirty and smelly, I guess I just have to know where the really good ones are, the 2 I visited were extremely clean and organized (just how I like them). Do you live in the Chicago area?

    1. Oh that’s awesome, I asked if you lived in the Chicago area to see if you knew of any really good thrift stores. I have to try to find some. I don’t know if I’ll ever buy anything other than purses and random items (i.e. candle holder, bookshelf filler, etc) but I like going and feeling like I just cheated the system by only paying $0.50 for an item rather than $50.

any thoughts? :)

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