I Am Second

Today I introduce (if you were not familiar with it already) I Am Second. My favorite video is this one by Anne Rice:

Anne Rice – I Am Second (click to watch the video).

I love this video because she is so raw and not ashamed to share her struggle and is passionate about everything she is saying. I have definitely felt the same way some a lot of times, I been to a place where I have lost faith and I have walked away, not from God but from religion.

“I knew that as long as I denied Him, I wouldn’t know rest or peace. You must know that you can’t save yourself through art or music. You can’t do it through travel or wealth. Your attempts to achieve salvation alone ultimately amounts to nothing.”

It is okay to question and it is okay to feel out of touch sometimes. Like I tell people, it is okay to be mad with God as long as you are mad with Him and not at Him. We all struggle and to say we don’t its a lie.

any thoughts? :)

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