Cuba Libre

Seeing the pictures below remind me of a book I read a little while back, “Waiting for Snow in Havana”

Stories found in this book are shared by thousands of Cubans, my dad included. The author did such a wonderful job at narrating his story/struggles. My dad doesn’t talk about the Cuba before Castro, actually he doesn’t really talk much about Cuba now. But there are days when he is willing to open up the door to his past and he’ll tell me stories, like the ones found in this book. The Cuban people have one thing in common, it doesn’t matter where in the world they are now they are still waiting for snow to fall in Havana and when it does I would love to be there.

I have never been to Cuba, but once I am married the hub and I will be planning trip. I want to see the way Cuba looks now.

Cuba Libre, it’s not just a drink, its the cry of an entire people.


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