Apartment Shopping

Happy Monday my beloveds!!!!

So this weekend the hubster and I went more than apartment shopping, we went clothes shopping as well. Let’s just say it was a super long day and it was freezing cold (someone please remind Chicago it’s almost Spring!). I had to get my taxes done and my appointment was 9:30 AM (cruel, I know 9:30 is not really that early but considering Saturdays are the only days I can sleep in til 9:30!). Any who we got my taxes done, then we headed to The Diner (I will post pictures of our food tomorrow). We then headed to the Chrome Store in Wicker Park to buy the hubster a bag and some shoes.

on our way to Schaumburg (Woodfield mall & Ikea) we made it there in ~25 mins

This came home with us $129, a table & 4 chairs

Remember the bookcase I posted on Friday, well it didn’t quite make it home because it wasn’t going to fit in the car and we were not too sure it was going to fit in the room so when we got home we did a little measuring and it will fit!!! So now we have to go back to get it. We also stopped by a furniture store

I was ready to bring this home but due to space and the fact that my better half was not in love with it we had to leave it at the store :(

Then we saw this bad boy and we were both in love, so this might be coming home with us next weekend, I say might because the hubster wants to go check a different furniture store before committing to anything (men!).

Here are some pictures from our trip to the Chrome Store I wont post too many since the husbter will be posting some to his blog Reality in Fixed Gear later on

inside the store

the bag I want for when we go hiking

I feel like I have posted enough pictures for today, I’ll post some pics of my ikea trip later on in the week. Happy Monday and enjoy this week!!!


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