Trip to Ikea

As previously mentioned we went to Ikea over the weekend, we managed to buy a dining table and some accessories for the kitchen.

Favorite thing about ikea: their perfectly sharpen pencils, I have to admit I never give them back, they usually find their way home with me.

The hubster writing down the # to the table we bought for $129!

Here are some random pictures of our trip to the BIG store!

Inspiration now I just need to find wall space!

I love books and one day I will have a library like this one, maybe not so high but I will definitely have one

Love the color of the wall

How cute!!!

Overall it was a successful visit to ikea, I can every weekend and never get bored. I love going to ikea it’s always exciting and I like their cinnamon rolls and the way their cafeteria smells. Before becoming a vegan (I’m not 100% there but getting there slowly but surely) I would buy a bag of their meat balls to take home and cook with pasta, they taste pretty good I am not going to lie.




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