My Affair with Art

Happy 1st day of March!!! I cannot believe its month 3 of 2012.

Here’s a little history behind the name of this blog “Advnturesspirit” for Adventuress Spirit, adventuress meaning a woman who enjoys or seeks adventure. Here’s a confession, I am definitely not that! But last year I made up my mind that 2012 would not be like all the other years, I promised myself I would take more risks and analyze things less. You see I am not a risk taker, matter of fact I analyze all options and compare pros and cons to determine which option is best and why, I plan everything, I love statistics, I am a trained researcher, I analyzed data for 3 years of my college career, I like to keep to-do lists, you get the point.

This year I promised myself things would be different and I would be more adventurous, analyze less and just go with it. I remember when I was younger (grade-school young) I use to love art. I took a few art classes, I love pottery, drawing, painting, wood works, sculpting, I loved it all and then somewhere along the line I gave it all up. I don’t know why I stopped painting and drawing, I just did. My love for art continued in high school when I took a few classes but it didn’t go much further than a class. I went unto to college and DePaul requires their students to take art class, I took an art history and a drawing class, my love for art was re-kindle.

My art history class gave me a new appreciation for art, I have always admired the skill and abilities of an artist but I never really gave much thought to the history behind a painting, sculpture, etc. Then in my drawing class I would doodle and my art professor loved them but I didn’t think much of it. I took both these classes my last semester at DePaul. I graduated June 2010 and it was not until a week ago when I had this strange feeling, I realized I missed drawing, painting, coloring; I missed creating art.

So earlier this week I took a trip to Blick and bought some art supplies, I was a little scared as I walked around the store, I literally walked around the entire store soaking everything in. I took my time looking at the brushes, the easels, the canvas, the sketch pads, the charcoal, everything. I began to feel overwhelmed and intimidated but I took a deep breath and told myself I would take baby steps. So here I am taking baby steps back to the place that brought me so much peace and joy. I don’t promise to share my work all the time, since I make art for myself and not for the world to see or criticize but I promised myself I would make it even if I think is just doodling.

Here are some pictures of my trip to Blick

I love these little guys, I owned a big one and the little one, I called them Woody!

How cute are these little guys?

What I came home with, no canvas, no paint. I am taking baby steps

My doodle

This year take risks, don’t ever be scared of stepping outside the boundaries of your comfort zone.





any thoughts? :)

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