Things I don’t understand (part 1)

1. Belts: I rarely wear belts with my pants and not that you need to know this but the other day I was wearing one and I really had to pee and I had to do the peepee-dance while I was trying to figure out how to unbuckle my belt (not that I don’t know how unbuckle my belt I just forgot I had one on). While that’s a personal problem the fact that guys wear belts and then sag their pants is a problem that affects us ALL. I don’t want to see your underwear!!! AND if you are going to sag your pants why the heck do you wear a belt!!!

2. Shoes: this is a big one for me, I am not your typical girl who is in love with shoes, I like shoes they are pretty but I think most of the time they are inconvenient, unless they’re flats. I like the way heels look but I think it is absolutely torturous to walk in them and my fiance loves the 3+ inches (he is out of his mind but I wear them because I love him!).

3. Socks: now unless I am home and it’s cold I’ll wear them otherwise get them out of my face. I think they restrain your feet, I want my toes to be free to wiggle!!! The only time I wear them is if I’m going to the gym or I’m wearing shoes that require them.

4. Stop lights: that are 1/2 block away from each other and then they are not even synchronized! So while one is green the other one is red, I think it is absolutely pointless!!!

5. Tolls: Chicago is a pain about this why do I need to pay tolls when I’m on the highway?!!!

6. City Sticker: why do I need to pay $100 while the people who live in the suburbs pay $20?! Do you think I’m dumb and don’t know how much the suburban people pay?

7. License plate sticker: that’s another $100 seriously explain to me why? because I don’t get it!

8. Paying for Street Parking: why do I need to pay the city to park on the street? I already paid you for a city sticker and then a license plate sticker and now you want me to pay you to park on the street? Do you think I’m made of money?!!! Chicago I love you but you’re a pain!


any thoughts? :)

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