Dr Seuss Cooking Demo!!!

I went to a cooking demo Saturday at what has become my favorite vegan spot, Native Foods I was so excited because I recently decided to adopt a vegan lifestyle (I call myself flexitarian because I don’t consider myself worthy enough to be call a vegan quite yet, I’m working on it). As you all should know it was Dr. Genius Seuss’ Birthday Friday and in his honor Native Foods decided to do a Dr Seuss themed cooking demo. It was AMAZING!!! The Chef was dressed as Cat in the Hat!!!

Here are some pictures

I cannot say enough good things about the Chef, she was incredibly entertaining and so much fun (to protect the identity of the children in this picture they appear blurry, I don’t want some parent to get angry at me for posting their child’s photo without their approval)

Twice-Baked Green "Eggs" and "Ham

which consisted of green polenta cake and Tofu bacon!!! (please forgive me my nails polish needed a touch up)

Roasted Wheast Beast and Blu Goo Mash

 consisting of Seitan and purple Peruvian potatoes!!! I need to make this, it was so delicious!

Goose Juice

Goose Juice was super sour and just thinking of it make my mouth salivate, I also had the Moose Juice but I ate before I could take a picture (sorry) this one was really sweet, maybe that’s why the Goose Juice felt so sour I had it after I had the sweet Moose juice

Mulberry Street Scones

This was the final recipe! Mulberry Scones! I have never tasted Mulberries and they are a delight (but super expensive and nearly impossible to find so when I make this recipe I’ll have to improvise)

I am not your “perfect” vegan but I am definitely on the road to become a real vegan right now I am learning what foods I can and cannot eat and how to prepare/where to buy vegan food. I have no regrets in adopting this lifestyle, my tummy appreciates it and I am loving it! If you are a meat-eating friend I don’t judge you, this is a NO JUDGING ZONE :)



any thoughts? :)

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