The Sofa

This weekend the hubster and I went to buy our sofa (thank God we already have a queen size bed and we didn’t have to spend $2000+ on one we are extremely thankful for that). As I previously mentioned we are moving into a studio (seen here), it’s a large studio but a studio nonetheless so we have very little space to work with so the sofa we picked had to be big and comfortable enough for two but small enough to fit into our lovely space.

Our dream sofa, it was the perfect size however it reclines all the way back (we probably could’ve fallen asleep if we would’ve stayed there long enough) but due to space it couldn’t home with us :( we were both pretty sad

This is the one we had originally seen and liked (seen here) and what we went back for BUT THEN

We sat on this one and although they look identical this one was 1000x more comfortable, this new addition to our family will be delivered in 2 weeks and it is not real leather.

 We also managed to pick our colors!!! Once we get them on the wall and the place is up and running I will be posting pictures (this might take a few weeks)

I hope you all had productive weekends. Happy Monday!



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