Vegan Pizza

I LOVE LOVE LOVE PIZZA! After fries (if fries are even considered real food? they have served as a meal to me many times), pizza is my favorite food, I can eat it for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack everyday all day for the rest of my life, hot or cold it doesn’t matter pizza for me is a gift from heaven. So when I decided to transition into a vegan diet I was hesitant because of my love for pizza, honestly I didn’t think I could give it up but then this happened:

the hubster decided to make me a vegan friendly pepperoni pizza

Do you now understand why I love this man so much?

I am ready to become a true Vegan, tree hugging, non-drug using hippie!!!

The hubster posted the ingredients used to make pizza here, I had left over pizza the next day and I don’t know why but pizza always tastes better the next day!




any thoughts? :)

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