Trip to Whole Foods

We normally shop at Trader Joe’s because its cheaper than Whole Foods but after leaving the cooking demo on Saturday we decided take a trip to our favorite Whole Foods located in Lincoln Park. I always feel like a kid in a candy store when I go to this Whole Foods, they have a great selection of vegan products and prices varied only slightly to Traders, I will definitely keep buying my tofu at Traders but there are other items I’ll go to Whole Foods for, here are some pics of our trip:

on a wall on top of the frozen food aisles

from the escalator

Another coming down from the escalator

Make your own butter, almond or peanut or whatever nut

I am so grateful I am not allergic to nuts, this is heaven

The hubster looking at the many vegan options

After the home made pizza (seen here)  I don’t know if I want to try these but maybe one day I will

Why didn’t I think of this before? Make your favorite fruit smoothie and just add some oats!!! Genius!

Until next time!



  1. Thumbs up from a vegetarian! I always feel like a kid in wholefood stores…There are so many amazing healthy and tasty things to discover out there and not many people know or bother to know about it!.

      1. Really? I was really thinking about going from vegetarian to vegan. I’d like to hear from you own experience. How does the body feel and so. Let us now, please :)

      2. Well, I am lactose intolerant and my body wasn’t digesting meat properly so making the switch was only a matter of time. I actually enjoy having a vegan lifestyle, you are more aware of what you are putting into your body. You can’t just pull over at any fast food restaurant because they won’t have anything that’s vegan friendly, so you tend to pack your lunch or carry a snack with you for when you are on the road and you get hungry. This is great because you are not eating junk and you are saving lots of $$$ :) You can buy packaged vegan friendly food at Traders or Whole Foods or you can make your own. I say you are half way there might as well go all the way!

      3. Actually no there’s something called agave which is a plant-base sweetener (usually used a substitute for honey) and much healthier and you need a lot less to sweeten your food.

      4. Nice! I’ll have to try out. I forgot about Maple Syrup as well. Do you have to take spirulina supplements or something similar to compensate the lack of some vitamins?

      5. Try it on! Otherwise you’ll have to eat tons of beans and walnuts everyday. I’ve heard spirulina is brilliant. I’ll try to go vegan as well. It is always good to have an example to start :). So far I completely quit egg, I don’t drink any regular milk and I don’t have dairy yogurt I swapped it all for soya, oatmeal or rice options but I still eat cheese (with veggie rennet) and honey. If I quit them both it´ll be the last step and to be ready to be a full vegan. Thanks a million for the tips!

      6. I love nuts :) I eat tons of it, raw nuts are my favorite! I have found some vegan cheese and it tastes pretty good considering its not real cheese. Let me know how it goes :)

      7. Sure I will!. Same with you, keep me updated. Nuts are amazing as well as dry fruit. Try goji berries, they’re awesome for your health!
        I tried blue vegan cheese it it wasn’t bad. Let’s see how does it go. Let’s wish us good luck hehehe!

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