Lyric Opera House

It was my first time at Lyric House Opera, I have been to the Chicago Orchestra Hall but never to the Opera house, I was pretty excited to see Aida. Here are some pictures I took, sorry the quality of the photos are not great but I didn’t take my camera (I forgot it at home) so all of these were taken with my iPhone (my battery was at 20%)


20120308-195356.jpgThe first screen

Waiting for Act 1 to begin, we were pretty excited. All the screens used for this play were hand painted, the lighting was pretty bad so I couldn’t take any pictures but all the screens were beautiful!

20120308-195522.jpgOur friend Mr. Kenneth Nichols, was part of the play and was kind enough to give us a tour of  backstage. This is him still with make-up from the last scene, he is part of the choir.

Backstage crew taking everything down to set up for “Show Boat”

Show boat costumes, we hope to go back to watch this show, Kenneth said it’s going to be a good one. In all honestly they are all good and a lot of work goes into every show. To every person that makes these shows happen, Bravo!


Backstage crew taking everything down to set up for Show Boat


any thoughts? :)

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