Apartment Theraphy

Decorating should be easy right? We thought we had our colors and then when we revisited them this weekend I just didn’t like them. So now we are back to square one. We have a few options so we are hoping we’ll make a decision soon as in the end of this week soon. Meanwhile the hubster and I decide what colors we are going to paint, here are some things I found on Urband Outfitters and I hope to buy to display around the apartment.

Pieces from the Hella Hacienda Collection from Urban Outfitters


Pillows for our couch, the hubster is not loving all the options but we’ll have to compromise

1. Embroider Ikat Stripe Pillow $34  2. Embellished Birds Pillow $49 3. Pompom Pillow $24 4.Tufted Stripe Pillow $29


For around the house, I like the wall art and sculpture and the rug for the kitchen the branch hooks for the entrance.

1. You are my favorite wall art $39 2. Wire Bike Wall Sculpture $24.99 3. Branch Hook $20  4. Round Texcoco Flowers Rug $19





I am ready to paint and start decorating. I love all these items from Urban hopefully I’ll be able to order them sometime this week. I’ll give you an update when we FINALLY pick our colors. Let’s cross our fingers, March is coming to an end quickly we have 2 weekends left and we are already booked for them so I don’t know when we’ll be painting exactly, March 31st the bridal shower!



any thoughts? :)

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