are beautiful. You are perfect. No you were not born with the wrong hair or eye color, wrong height, body shape or skin color. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. You were made perfect, there’s no hair out-of-place, your toes are shaped like that for a reason, your skin is light/dark/medium color because you wouldn’t look any more beautiful with any other skin color.

We all have a lot things we would like to change but the truth of the matter is that we cannot. Sure you can color your hair (I have been a blonde, red-head and a brunette), you can tan to be darker (I have never faked-baked but when summer comes I will lay out until I am cooked with a lot of sunscreen of course, safety first!), you can wear heels to feel taller (I unfortunately have to do this because the hubster likes heels). There are so many things we can do to “enhance” ourselves but at the end of the day, we are still us.

So my advice is love yourself, no matter how you feel when you look in a mirror. Remember people see you the way you see yourself, so if you walk out the house feeling like a billion bucks people will see the confidence and they will admire it and respect you for it.



any thoughts? :)

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