A fries story

I love love love fries the same way I love love love pizza and I have always said I have never met fries I did not like, this of course was proven wrong last night. It was 81 degrees in Chicago and if you are a Chicagoan that’s a miracle/gift from God because we are usually still buried in snow in March but any who back to the story.

It was really nice out and the hubster decided to take me out to eat, the bulls vs the heat game was on and we decided to go this place in Lincoln Park (this place will remain unnamed to protect the dignity of the other food they serve) we order our food, I don’t care where in the world I am I always get fries. So yesterday was not the exception I got some fries and they were HORRIBLE, I could not believe it. I looked at my hubster with some fries in my hand and I told him, “remember how I have always said I have never met fries I did not like, well meet the fries I don’t like” and he said well if there are bad don’t eat them. WHAT?! How am I going to leave fries, whether good or bad on my plate, fries are sacred food, they have served me as meals many times and so I ate all the fries (with a little help from the hubster). The ironic part (at least to me) is that they serve you A LOT of fries!!!

This is not how the fries looked

I was so sad, I love fries and those fries were thin, cold and crunchy (in a bad way). Now I need to go to a place where I can get GOOD, YUMMY, HEAVENLY fries!!!




any thoughts? :)

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