Weekend Recap

Happy Monday (?) any day should be a happy day if you woke up :) So this weekend and by weekend I mean Saturday that’s the day we do EVERYTHING because we are at church Sunday (all day). Saturday we managed to receive the couch (it came in at 8 am, I was able to sleep 6 hours, yey!) then we went to the mall and then IKEA to finally pick up the bookcase we are using as a room divider and finally to my dress fitting, I have 2 more apparently.

Our trip to Ikea was not photographed because taking pictures was the last thing in my mind it was so hot in there I thought I was going to pass out.

Here’s a recap in photos:


on our way to Ikea


The hubster and I were hungry so we stopped at Five Guys I had fries and lots of FREE Peanuts :D the fries have been redeemed, this fries were delicious!!!!  I was a happy camper!


On our way back we stopped to get the cutest little pillow pet for a very special baby and some COLD watermelon at Whole Foods.



any thoughts? :)

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