oh weekend, I love you!

Yes just stay calm, it’s Friday! I am looking forward to this weekend which for me starts @3pm (2 hours earlier than usual) and I get to go tour the Chicago Blackhawks locker room and enjoy some food and other good things all for $5 which includes parking (this is a big one) brought to me by my Alma Mater DePaul, hopefully I’ll take some good pictures and I’ll post them later.

On another note we have 28 more days to go till the wedding (but who is counting?!) I am so excited for this wedding and to finally move into our apartment and able to enjoy my days after work and my weekends. Wedding planning is no joke, when I was younger I remember thinking I wouldn’t get married till I was in my 30s those plans went out the door when I met the hubster. I guess that’s what love does to people!

Any who enjoy your weekend, every minute of it don’t waste it being mad or complaining or being mean to people, forget about all your problems and just enjoy it!




any thoughts? :)

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