Dress fitting


I love this picture, in my fitting it was only my seamstress and I

I went in for my second dress fitting. My seamstress made my Monday a bit more special. She’s Greek and such a delight. I got my dress at the House of Brides in Schaumburg, it’s something like 30-45 minutes away from the city depending on traffic and who is driving.

I love heading out that way, one of my favorite malls is out there. Also it’s right by Ikea, the store I love to roam around in. Every time I go to Ikea I end up buying things I didn’t know I needed until I saw them, I’m like this specially with containers, which reminds me have you guys been to the container store? It’s heaven for the organizing freaks! I try to stay away from that store because I can easily spend a small fortune buying things I didn’t even know existed! I’m ridiculous specially when it comes to small things, I find small containers super cute and they usually find a way to my house.

Any who back to the dress fitting, it was a success! The dress fit like a glove, I was a bit nervous because I wanted to lose some weight before the fitting and I was scared it was not going to fit, but it did and all is well with my soul :) I am still continuing with my strict regime (1,200 calories and 1 hour exercise a day, okay this is not that strict!) until the wedding day and even well after the honeymoon. I am super excited for our honeymoon!

Happy Tuesday!


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