Easter/Resurrection Sunday

Happy Easter my beloveds (if you don’t celebrate Easter happy Easter any way!) this is a happy day!!!

Enjoy it, every last second of it. Spend it with family, friends or with a complete stranger. I believe no one should ever have a meal by themselves so make a new friend, invest some time in someone today, let someone else (outside of your family and circle of friends) know that they are special and worth knowing.


Don’t wait until you are senile to make new friends, make them now. Remember there’s a fine line between a stranger and a best friend.

Jesus died for you and I so that we could share the same love and compassion with others. Remember He have us a gift worth sharing so let’s not be shy or stingy and let’s love each other and only then will we make this world a better place.

Peace & Love!



any thoughts? :)

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