Instagram Has a Price

I am a huge fan of Instagram and not such a fan of FB (at least not anymore). I remember my freshman year (2005) when Facebook was exclusive to college students, I couldn’t wait to get my college email to activate my FB account but for some reason I was having trouble logging-in to my college email, I called the help desk almost everyday until I got it to work. I was so excited to be part of this “exclusive club” where intelligent people (assuming all college students are intelligent) could come together and share similar interests and discuss ideas and topics worth discussing, at least this is what I hoped for.

This of course changed when Facebook decided to allow everyone and their mother (and this is a literal statement because everyone and their mother is on Facebook; sad but true story) to join. The quality of the content on Facebook went out the door it no longer serve as a platform for intelligent discussion but rather a way to stalk people without them knowing they were being stalked.

I deactivated my Facebook account August of 2011 and I do not plan on activating it anytime soon, the people who want to know about me will care enough to either call or shoot me an email, this way I keep a count of my true friends.

Today news came that Facebook had bought Instagram, my reaction was


I really hope Facebook does not change Instagram and its awesomeness, although Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg said they will not make any changes to Instagram and they will leave it as its own entity I don’t believe them. They are now the owners of Instagram and they can do as they please.

I hope they don’t make any drastic changes.


any thoughts? :)

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