That’s the number of days that are left until I am a married woman. I am NOT freaking out, okay maybe a little or a lot I don’t even know anymore. I am excited to be a Mrs but if you know me you know I am a happy TYPE AB but during special events I can be a TYPE A (don’ know the difference read up here). But can you blame me? It’s my wedding we are talking about it’s not some event that will repeat itself every year, its once in a life time type of thing (Yes I plan to make my marriage work forever).

So that been said I am not entirely freaking out, I want my wedding to be as laid back as possible, I am not over-the-top, flashy, my style is rustic and simple and pray to God that on my wedding day it is sunny and everything goes smoothly (I am confident it will).



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any thoughts? :)

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