Only Fuzzy Feelings

There are many days I wake up feeling this way:


Life is too short and we are too fragile to complain and whine and who wants premature wrinkles caused by frowning?

We all have a gift, whether we acknowledge it as such it’s up to us, but waking up every morning is a gift not many have. So why waste it complaining, whining or frowning?

Whether you believe in God or not I love and respect you, but I believe in an awesome God, one who every morning brings a smile to my face when I look up in the sky and I see my favorite type of cloud (Yes I have favorite types of clouds), I have always believed He makes them just for me, I am convinced and there’s nothing any one can say to make me believe otherwise (I told you I was a little strange).

Advice: Learn to take the bad stuff in life as challenges and the good stuff as gifts, learn to minimize the bad and maximize the good. Change your perspective. Have a little faith. Trust in the goodness in people. Give that dollar to that homeless without thinking what he’ll do with it. Take risks. Love passionately. Do something new everyday!



any thoughts? :)

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