Bipolar Chicago

MONDAY!!! This weather is a bit interesting, yesterday it was 72, this morning it was 57 then it dropped to 51 (but it feels like 40) the sun came out then it hid again, it drizzled and its windy.


@6 am on my way to the gym when I was feeling ready to take on the world, it was 57 and it felts great and I was hoping for a sunny and semi-warm day (little did I know it was going to be like this)


@8am on my way to target to get a bra (I forgot my bra this morning)


During lunch


This photo was taken less than five minutes after taking the picture above (this only lasted for another as you can see in the very back the dark clouds where ready to cover the pretty blue). It has been a pretty interesting Monday and the day only gets better!


any thoughts? :)

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