Mr & Mrs

I have not written in a while because last week was hectic for the lack of a better word. I got married!!!! I am now Mrs. Morrissey :D I am so so so happy to be a Mrs and I also extremely happy to be done with all the wedding none sense. It was a crazy week (remember this post and this post) well here’s what happened after that, I lost my voice. So come Saturday I had no voice and I had to whisper my vows, that was a lot of fun and I actually didn’t mind, it made it more intimate, I felt like it was just us two in that altar. I will be posting more pictures later this week but for now I’ll leave you with this one of a very special moment with my daddy.


Father & Daughter Dance taken by my Hubster

We danced, Because you loved me by Celine Dion. It doesn’t matter how old I become I will always be a daddy’s girl.




any thoughts? :)

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