The Home Depot

Who would have thought a trip to the home depot (in my head I hear the guy from the home depot commercial saying the name THE Home Depot) would’ve been so much fun?! I finally moved into our cozy place and there’s a lot that needs to get done such as: putting some pieces of furniture together, putting some frames up, finding storage space for towels and all the other things that currently have no home, etc. It can all get annoying really fast.

Any who back to our trip to The home depot, I felt like a kid in a candy store there were so many tools (some of which I don’t even know what they are for!) I had so much shopping for tools with the hubster, he is starting his “collection” I guess when men grow up they trade in collecting cards and they start collecting tools (?)







When I was in 8th grade I took a woodwork class, where I made a clock, a clip board and other little things. My clipboard is in my parent’s house somewhere, maybe one day I’ll go look for it. I would love to take a woodwork class and make some furniture out of reclaimed wood, this is definitely on my bucket list :)

Happy Monday!!!




  1. YES! They do start collecting tools. Jose has the fourth picture you posted (that big ol’ slicer thing..a saw?) in yellow and tons of other randomness. The good thing is that all of it has been used repeatedly. Before I got married I never thought that places like Home Depot and Lowe’s would be my cup of tea but now they are two of the main stores we live by. Fun stuff!

    1. hahahaha yea I love big tools and I actually enjoy going to Home Depot, I just haven’t been in so long! I am sure all the things Michael bought that day will be used repeatly which is why I didn’t complain when he spent more that what I thought! Oh men you gotta love them!

any thoughts? :)

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