This is how the cookie crumbles

I love Starbucks. I support them and well they support me by making me fat happy. So I don’t know how many of you have ever had Starbucks but they came out with a new frappuccino: Mocha Cookie Crumble!


I feel the need to clarify this cup is the size of a shot glass, which is what I tasted

I have a feeling Starbucks has something against my hip and thighs! I am going to have to work out double if I ever want to have a tall mocha cookie crumble!!! I avoid whip cream completely on all my drinks but this one has CHOCOLATE whip cream, seriously?! COME ON!!! this just turned into a love hate relationship!


I will try to remain STRONG for as long as I can but I have a feeling one of these days (when I feel like retail-therapy just is not enough) I’ll have a venti tall mocha cookie crumble.

On a happier note. I woke up today and got my butt in the gym. I swam for an hour, I burned enough calories to enjoy a bagel :D oh why do we (women) put ourselves through this? if you want a bagel you should have a bagel and not feel guilty for all the carbs you just ate or if you want a MOCHA COOKIE CRUMBLE, you should be able to have one, am I right? But noooo swimming season is ALWAYS around the corner so what do we do, we suck it up! We wake up at ungodly hours of the morning to torture ourselves workout!

Okay I am done! Have a wonderful Tuesday!!!!




any thoughts? :)

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