I have never been one to LOVE food. I mean I like food, I enjoy food but I cannot say I LOVE food. But now that I am married I have to think of what I’m  going to feed the hubster, this is hard stuff!!! I can handle neuroscience stuff but preparing an entire menu for a week and then make sure there’s not a similar meal in the same month???

I can eat the same thing for an entire month and be okay with it but I refuse to do that to the hubster. He can cook and loves food! So I have to do some research (my favorite word in the WORLD) and figure out what I’m going to cook. I am also not a meat lover so I have to find vegan recipes that the hubster will enjoy as well.

HELP?! Married people or single people who can cook I need suggestions on things to cook!!!

sweet potato burgers...I'm intrigued

Sweet Potato Burger for the recipe click-through to my pinterest page





  1. I can SO relate to this! We will be married for three years in July and I still struggle sometimes making new things! I’m the same way and can eat the same thing over and over and so I did that at first (love me some steak and rice) lol but then hubby said, “Hey this is great but can we try something new?” haha. I got the hint. So then I started buying cookbooks and looking up recipes online and what not and that definitely helped! I’m still a work in progress. While I can’t offer you a recipe suggestion (both Jose and I don’t really like veggies..terrible I know) I wanted to let you no you’re not alone. lol

    1. hahaha yea I am not much of a meat eater and thank god Michael is no longer a HUGE carnivore. He enjoys chicken and fish which for me its 121324252 better than red meat. I love the web (pinterest and food blogs) they help so much. I have ideas for the rest of the week :D

any thoughts? :)

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