Confession Time!!!!

No I did not kill anyone (true story) and no I don’t know about another person sleeping with a person they shouldn’t be sleeping with, that my friends is called GOSSIP and well gossip and I just don’t get along. Back to my confession!

I am obsessed with men shoes and watches! There I said it, its out in the open. Okay this is not new, people close to me know this because I have no problem admitting that I like walking through the Nordstrom men shoe department and just roam around and admire the beauties crafted in Italy and other exotic countries (China is not exotic or any place where they pay a person $0.25/hour for shoes they later sell for $300+) and watches, well they are beautiful. The shoes don’t necessarily have to be dress shoes they just have to be a pair of good-looking shoes.

The first things I notice in a man are their shoes and their watch. The irony of it all is that the hubster is not much of a watch guy, he recently started wearing one my parents got him for Christmas. I was so happy when he started wearing it :D He also isn’t much of a shoe guy, we don’t like the same shoes. He can walk out of the house wearing his Adidas sandals and be a happy. I guess God has a sense of humor when He put us together, he loves heels and well I can do without, I love men shoes and he prefers sandals, I love watches and he just started wearing one.

Here are so of the shoes and watches that make my heart skip a beat :)

watches. watches. watches.



Now the following pictures are from my current blog obsession: The Discourse Circus check it out!

#WIWT | Some days I go Italian over English (Taken with instagram)

Cigar Cordovan + Cow. (Taken with instagram)

Color 8 in the morning.. (Taken with instagram)

That’s it for now… Happy Thursday you we are almost there, Friday is around the corner!!!!



any thoughts? :)

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