Thunder & Hail

Yesterday after work the hubster took me out to eat, it was 83 outside and we wanted to enjoy the afternoon. We had planned to go by Macy’s to pick up a coffee maker and walk around the mall. When we were leaving from work it was beautiful, sunny (although clouds were beginning to gather) and HOT!. If you know me I love clouds and trees and all things nature. So we hopped on the highway and I snapped so many pictures of the same cloud in different angles, this cloud was beautiful!


I guess it’s not just one cloud but multiple clouds together… either way its pretty


On our way to the restaurant, I called her Big Bertha!!! It was not raining just a little drizzle nothing big but within minutes this:


On our way home, you cannot really see how much water was coming down or the hail that was hitting the car, it was bad!


These two pictures (top & bottom) were taken literally minutes after


I rolled down the window for this one.

Have a wonderful weekend! Enjoy every second of it, spend time with the ones you love and whatever you do DON’T waste time getting mad at the little things!




any thoughts? :)

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