I Crumbled

I knew it was going to happen. I mean I pretty much set myself up for this one, the moment I said I was going to remain strong (read here) I knew I had lost the battle! I cannot remain strong when faced with chocolate, yet alone a MOCHA COOKIE CRUMBLE with CHOCOLATE whip cream topped with cookie crumbs!!! Who are we kidding here? certainly not me!!!

Whip Cream is the devil, plain and simple there’s no other name for it!!! I usually NEVER have it on my drinks because it makes me sick (literally) but I couldn’t resist having CHOCOLATE whip cream on my MOCHA COOKIE CRUMBLE, I mean if I am going to drink two meals with a straw I might as well top it off with some Chocolate whip cream, am I right?!


Needless to say the MOCHA COOKIE CRUMBLE did not disappoint, it was amazing and my heart was happy although my tummy was not after having the whip but that’s the price I had to pay for yumminess (yes I just made that up).  Will I have one again? no I want to live for a long time so that was it for me. Do I want another one? absolutely if I was guaranteed to not gain a single pound I would have one every day for a month (okay this is a lot of sugar so maybe not everyday). But like everything in life, the good things tend to not be too good for your health, everything in moderation my friends.

If you haven’t had a mocha cookie crumble try it, I ask for soy on mine since I am slightly lactose intolerant. If you go to starbucks between 3-5pm you get 50% Frappuccino, this is what I call a Happy HOUR(s)!!!



any thoughts? :)

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