Let’s Get Dotty

There are a lot of things I love in life for example: people, chocolate :), stripes and polka dots!!! There’s something about polka dots that makes me smile. I guess it’s the fact that you can never be too old to wear polka dots. Earlier this week the hubster took me out for dinner and a movie (I love our cute random dates). We got out of the movies pretty late and it was extremely foggy I tried taking pictures of it, but it wasn’t working. As we were walking to our car I snapped some pictures of this cute display of a new store in Old Orchard called Madewell.

Get Dotty? YES, please!


how adorable are all of these outfits?!


I love the polka-dotted pants, super cute and about the only item I am missing. I have dresses, shirts, scarfs, socks pretty much everything except shoes and pants with polka dots.



20120508-000217.jpgI love the colors in this picture, although you can’t really see the items of clothing. I love colorful dress, although I prefer them in a solid color and patternless (unless they are polka dots).


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any thoughts? :)

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