Smelling Good= Feeling Good

I am extremely picky when it comes to fragrances, whether it be for men or women. I have a little collection of my favorite perfumes and  every morning before leaving the house I smell all off them before deciding which one I am going to use, this may sound a little crazy but my perfume has to match my mood or sometimes its the opposite my perfume sets the mood for the day.

Here are some of my favorites:

Prada ‘Infusion d’Iris’

This is my favorite summer fragrance, its fresh and clean. I wear it specially during the cold winter days to remind me of summer :)

Valentino has always made some of my favorite women fragrances. I wore this perfume on my wedding day, I have been waiting for this fragrance to come to America since it came out and its finally here!!!

This is probably my go to fragrance for those days when I am not feeling any particular way I put this on and walk out the house, it’s also my husbands favorite.

Valentino V FOR WOMEN by Valentino - 1.6 oz EDP Spray

Now this is my absolute favorite by Valentino, I cannot find this at any store only on amazon and similar websites and I don’t think I’ll ever buy it from amazon so I only use the little that I have left for special occasions.

Everyone has their own special scent one that cannot be bought or replicated, two women can be wearing the same perfume and I assure you it smells different in each one. My mother for example it doesn’t matter what perfume she wears they all smell sweeter on her and my dad always smells amazing.

Remember smelling good is as important as looking good, it enhances your self-esteem :)


any thoughts? :)

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