HONEY MOON in 2 days & This is where we will be

Yes I am excited and ready to disconnect from reality for a little, the hubster and I cannot wait!!! But before the fun begins we need to finish packing. Our luggage is pretty much ready to go, we just need to make sure we don’t forget anything (i.e. camera charger, extra memory, etc). I have never been one to over-pack or under-pack I usually know what to bring and what I can do without, but this trip is different it’s our honey moon and I want to make sure all goes well :) So I am double checking everything, making sure our luggage does not go over the 50 lb, checking the weather for the week (it’s going to be perfect, low 80s), preparing my handbag with all the required documentation to be able to leave and come back in the country without any problems. Once I am on that plane I will not think of anything but REST and enjoy my husband the way God intended me to :D

We have so much planned for this trip and we seriously cannot wait to sink our feet in the white sand :D


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