Day 1: The Arrival

Our honeymoon was perfect, Punta Cana is absolutely beautiful and every time I visit I feel like quitting my job and just staying there, but I think every tourist feels this way. Truth be told we sort of missed home, towards the end of it all, we just wanted to be home. We met some really amazing people from PA (Pennsylvania), two couples, one with 2 kids and a younger couple (Christina & Ross). We had so much fun with them too bad they left on Friday and we met them on Wednesday, they were staying in the same hotel and we went on the same excursion (we swam with sharks and sting rays). Overall we had an amazing time in Punta Cana, where the weather is perfect even when its cloudy :D


our flight there went well, it was a direct flight and we got there in one piece and our luggage with us not like last time. We arrived at the hotel and 12:30, we grabbed some lunch, changed into our bathing suits and we went straight to the beach.


I have been to Punta Cana several times and the lay out of this hotel is different and I like it, everything is so close to the lobby and all the action.


Our room was overlooking the pool, 3rd floor room 5309

I will be going back to work Tuesday and my brain is hating it, but hey this is life and we live for the good moments, like laying out overlooking the Caribbean. I will be posting more pictures during the week, until then, enjoy your memorial weekend :D



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