Blissful Days

We are officially going back to reality, back to work we go :( It’s not all bad okay who am I kidding? who wouldn’t want to live on an never-ending vacation?! This always happens to me, every time I leave the country and come back to what I call home I remember the good times spent in paradise and daydream of the next time I’ll be able to sink my pale feet (now momentarily tanned) into a beach of white sands.

This was where we spent our mornings, we would wake up at 6:30 am yes a little early but we would walk for a little then grab breakfast and head to the beach, we would lay out until noon then grab lunch and head to the pool where we spent most of our afternoons. I miss those shades of blues, which is an appropriate description of how I am feeling right about now.

The count down to our next getaway has begun. I cannot wait until I head back to the Caribbean, next time it’ll most likely be Cuba! :D

I hope you all have a wonderful work week!!!


any thoughts? :)

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