Mike’s Cafe

One of the our favorite things about the resort we stayed in had to be the coffee shop, Mike’s Cafe, not only was it the coolest (both in temperature and appearance) place,  it shielded us from the heat and offered us a comfortable place to sit while we waited for the restaurants to open.

Here are some pictures of the place, sorry they are a little dark but the lights were always dim, reason number 2465413 why we loved spending time there.

Now this Espresso machine is a beauty, it was love at first sight. I was begging the hubster to buy it for me but as you imagine that didn’t happen, there’s always next time (hey a girl is allow to dream).

The exit which was found all over the resort its the cutest!

I love this cute little vintage sign. We didn’t have to pay anything, it was all-inclusive resort which I love!

This was our sitting area, where we spent a night with our new friends from PA, laughing and talking about the nothingness of life.

I really miss my little paradise and I specially miss this coffee shop, where the coffee was always perfect and the people were the sweetest :)


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