Weekend- Birthday Party- Countdowns

Another week down 30 more to go! Where is this year going? Happy 1st day of June my beloveds!!! As if I didn’t have enough countdowns I am going to start another one, I am counting down the days left day of “Spring” and the official start of SUMMER!!!! We have 19 more days!

It’s another gloomy day in Chicago. It was 97 and sunny Monday and today it’s around 57 which feels like 37 and cloudy with threats of some showers!!! I am honestly not loving this roller coaster, my body cannot handle it, if you are going to give me hot then stay hot and if you are going to give me cold well then I’ll start considering my options about moving to a warmer state (i.e. California, land of the happy cows).

I am looking forward to this weekend which promises to be tons of fun!!! My favorite little guy from Purity in Pearls is finally ONE!!! And tomorrow its his birthday party I am super excited because his parents are super creative and I am sure have gone all out to make his first birthday one to remember. His middle name is Fire so the theme of his party is Camp Fire. I’ll make sure you snap a few pictures and show them off next week. Aside from a birthday party I plan to SLEEP!!! Ahhh who knew a 5-letter word could make me so happy :D!

Camping Party.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and that your cities are treating  you much better than Chicago is treating me at the moment!!!


any thoughts? :)

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