Nothingness of Life

I have no idea where this week went, I tried to write a post several times this week but it just didn’t work. My mind has been occupied with the nothingness of life sometimes I wish I could just push all those thoughts away and just focus on the present. During my undergrad days I took a Psychology “Stress Management” course and I remember the professor saying, we all need to learn how to live in the NOW and its so true. Lately I been having some trouble staying focus on the now and I catch myself drifting into the future  or worse into the past.

Oh life, so perfect sometimes and a complete mess other times. There is still much to be done, let’s not lose sight, I have to remind myself of this constantly. Next week is a new week and hopefully desire to post more pictures of the honeymoon will come with it.

Have a wonderful weekend, the weather in Chicago is perfect!!!



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