Sharks & Sting Rays

Sharks have to be my one of my favorite animals. They intimidate and attract me all at the same time and being in their proximity always makes me feel so ALIVE! This is not the first time I swam with sharks, I done it once before, the last time I swam with them there were about 10 sharks, some 5 ft while others were notably larger, I was a kid in the candy store :D! I wanted my husband to share the experience with me, that feeling you get when a shark stares through your soul, it wakes you up and you have no other choice but to focus on the present.

on the bus on our way to swim with the sharks and rays

Oh those shades of blue, I hope to one day have this view in my backyard.

This is the second time I have swam with sharks and again I forgot to grab an underwater camera, so I have no pictures of the sharks : ( it’s sad. I really do love those creatures. Maybe next time I will remember to bring a camera and capture the faces of the creatures that make me feel so grateful to be alive.

Have a wonderful week!!!



any thoughts? :)

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