Make it Glow

I love to read.

Books are my favorite form of reality. I remember falling in love with books at a young age, my dad loves to read, I get it from him. I remember discussing books he had read (till this day I am playing catch up with him). He was the one who introduced me to the alternative alternate form of reality. I remember as a child and even now as an adult getting lost in stories, stories that became far more real that anything else.


I love books.

Holding them and smelling them. It’s a thing I do, every time I buy a book, new or old, I flip through the pages and randomly stop and I smell them. I have always done it. I debated for so long whether or not I would get an e-reader since I love the way a book feels in my hands and most importantly I love looking at the growing collection of books in my bookshelf, I feel so proud and accomplished. All of that is taken away with an e-reader, there are no pages to smell, no books to hold or to look at once I’m done.

But after much thought (& inner struggles) over the weekend I mentioned to my dad that I knew what I wanted for my birthday (which is 2 months away) not thinking he would it get for me that same weekend. I told him I wanted an e-reader, black and white, nothing fancy. We headed over to Barnes & Noble and he got me the Nook Simple Touch with Glow Light. I am in love with it, reality just got a lot better, I get to carry an entire universe in my purse :)


I bought a book with 25 classic novels for $0.99! I love the size of it, it’s small and most importantly I can read in bed with the lights off (great for the hubster). I am so happy I decided to get it, I will never stop buying actual books, although I am enjoying the convenience of having a 6,262 page book in a 7 ounce device I know they’ll be a day when I am going to prefer to hold a real book.



any thoughts? :)

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