Daddy’s Little Girl

I may no longer be a little girl but I will always be my daddy’s baby girl. I am the person I am today because of everything that my daddy has done for me. He has taught me how to get lost in books, how to count my blessings every day regardless of how I feel or how things are looking, he taught me how to love unconditionally and for this my husband should be grateful, he taught me to never take life too serious and to enjoy every minute even if it’s not all peachy.

My dad is a wonderful man, he is strong and wise. He is my hero and my best friend. I have never lacked anything and in my toughest moments he has always been my strong tower. To all the women girls that have been blessed with a wonderful father, enjoy every moment you have with him, laugh together, hug him and cover his face with kisses (you will never be too old to do that). Remember that you are both aging and you might have to repeat yourself several times or you might have to hear the same story more than once, enjoy it like if it were the first time.

To my wonderful daddy, Happy Daddy’s Day!!! You are the best daddy I could ever wish for :D


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