I started this week with a lot of energy, I was excited about Monday (completely INSANE) but sometime between Tuesday & Wednesday I lost it.  By the time I get home (considering that I been up since 6 am sometimes 7 & I don’t get in until after 8:30, sometimes later) I am exhausted and ready to shower and knock-out. My life lately looks something like this:  Gym. Work. Pick-up my husband from work. Shower. Sleep and repeat. Not quite adventurous, I am definitely not living up to the name of this blog, although the meaning of this blog goes far beyond doing crazy things and calling them adventures (that’s a topic for a different post).  But I digress, allow me to focus on what’s important right now and that is that it’s F.R.I.D.A.Y. :D

This is what Friday’s usually mean to me, it means tomorrow is Saturday :D and I get:

  • To Sleep in, I am hoping my body will allow me to sleep at least till 9am.
  • To go grocery shopping
  • Clean the apartment
  • READ all I want (that’s if the first 3 points don’t get in the way)

I know my weekends are not too much fun but lately my energy level are non-existent, I might have to go visit a nutritionist perhaps I am not eating properly.

But any who, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!! Have fun but don’t do anything you’ll later regret, life is just too short to be doing dumb things.



any thoughts? :)

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