I don’t know what to call this post

Friday!!!! I woke up at WAIT FOR IT…… 4:30 this morning!!! Why you ask? well because I love my husband very much and I needed to make up some hours at work because I left early because the husband got his wisdom teeth pulled and he needed me to pick him up from the dentist. Poor baby, I already got all 4 pulled a few years back, my dentist is such a beast, I love him, his hands are seriously the softest hands I have ever felt inside my mouth, actually I usually don’t feel his hands because they are that soft!!!!

DISCLAIMER: there’s no real point to this post (as if the title was not enough indication of the direction of this post) other than I am running on a few hours of sleep and I am excited to be getting out of work early and some crazy clouds became famous today on instagram. I am aware I should have put the disclaimer on top of the last paragraph but you’ll survive.

So the day started off just right, thank heavens there was a Starbucks open! I got to work and it felt so creepy because for the next 3 hours I would be the only one in the massive building. I was scared the alarm code would not work and the alarm was going to go crazy and the police and the fire fighters would get there and there was no one I could call that early in the morning that would rescue me, but I am happy to report that the code did work and I was able to enter the building without causing a commotion in the neighborhood :) I was able to get a lot done which is good but I am now exhausted! The earliest I wake up is 6 am to be able to go to the gym before work, but I doubt I’ll be waking up @4:30 again any time soon.

Any who the day started pretty bright, the sun was coming out and it looked like it was going to be another HOT and sunny day, yesterday it was 102, sunny and extremely humid I’m surprised I didn’t collapse. Today sometime between 10-11 am everything flipped the sun was covered by some dark clouds and the street lights turned on. I posted this picture on instagram with the hashtag clouds (this is photo does not have instagram effect to see that go to my instagram @advnturesspirit)


and OMG everyone and their mother was posting pictures of the same cloud or crazier looking clouds from all around the states, not just my small town Chicago.


yup that’s Jesus on the corner of that building, if you live in Chicago you now pretty much know where I work, please no stalkers!


 The cloud was massive and everyone with a camera on their phones pretty much posted it on instagram, here are pictures of some clouds I like, please let your focus be on the clouds on top and not the random puppy (how cute is he(r)?!) or totally random baby. The first 7 pictures were of the clouds in Chicago!

I am just glad people love clouds as much as I do :) I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, stay cool if you’re in Chicago you know we are expecting 90 degree weather for the next 5 days. Go out have fun, have all the fun I won’t have, I’ll be home attending the needs of my wonderful, loving and super hot hubster :D okay maybe I will have tons of fun (wink wink)


any thoughts? :)

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