Summer: I hate you then I love you

What can be said about this lovely season? Let’s start by saying that I have a love-hate relationship with Summer.


  1. I get to wear light clothes compared to winter when I have to wear half of my wardrobe just to feel warm
  2. WATERMELON. That’s mostly what my diet consists of, watermelon juice (my dad makes the best watermelon juice ever and now my favorite vegan place has it too), cold watermelon, frozen watermelon, you get the point I’ll take watermelon whichever way I can have it
  3. Farmer’s Markets= Fresh fruits and veggies
  4. Outdoor activities, you can play any sports, go rafting, canoeing, rock climbing, whatever your heart desires and wear the least amount of clothing allowed (see reason #1)
  5. Fireworks. Who doesn’t like fireworks? I mean if I can skip the noise they make and just look at the pretty colors in the sky I would but since that’s not an option (yet?) I’ll take the noise.
  6. Festivals. Fairs. They are every where, rib fest, taste of Chicago (love me some pickle on a stick, cheesecake on a stick, everything on a stick), craft fairs, lollapalooza, whatever you can think of there’s a fair/fest for that.
  7. When it rains, it’s not cold water falling on my face, it’s actually enjoyable and I can dance in the rain rather than run like hell for cover
  8. Early mornings and late nights, basically I get zero sleep but who cares the sun makes me happy
  9. Cook-outs= lots and lots of food
  10. Picnics= all things fun

Now here are the reason why I hate strongly dislike, I have never really liked the word hate, it’s just too strong and strongly dislike does as good as a job as hate to describe how I feel about a situation/person/place/etc.

Humidity bunny... the cutest fluffball ever!

HATE Strongly Dislike:

  1. HUMIDITY. This is the only reason I need to dislike summer, I can deal with 80+ degree weather, I’ll cap it at 90 but when its 87 and it feels like 98 I have an issue with that. Also the wonders humidity does to my hair, I don’t like it, it makes me look crazy!
  2. Mosquitoes. simply annoying little creatures that were placed on earth to make my life miserable
  3. Pools are crowded and so is every other place in the city
  4. People are supposed to be nicer because the weather is nice but usually they are more crabby than usual, blame it on reason #1
  5. Ice cream melts too fast, I like to enjoy my treat and not get a brain freeze because I ate it too fast
  6. I don’t get to enjoy it the way I would like because I am stuck at work for most of the day and by the time I get out I only have a few hours of sunshine left
  7. Feeling sticky. This is so annoying, apparently unless I am on a nude beach nudity is not acceptable WHAT?! hence I have to suck it up and leave all my clothes on while I sweat like a freaking pig (why do people use this expression, I thought pigs don’t sweat?)
  8. Hot drinks are not tolerable and not all drinks are good cold, okay maybe that’s a lie but sometimes I would prefer a hot rather than a iced-coffee, I know this is a lame excuse but I like to enjoy a cup of coffee in the afternoon, blame my addiction!
  9. Electricity bill is ridiculous!!!
  10. It’s not LONG ENOUGH

Chicago has been a hell-hole the last few days, it has been in the 100’s right now its 99 but it feels like 107 umm GLOBAL WARMING or for people who don’t understand the concept, Climate Change!!!! We are supposed to have “cooler” temperatures and by cooler I mean in the 80s, LORD HELP US!!!20120706-114457.jpg

Just so you don’t think I am lying and being dramatic!!! The weather channel does NOT LIE!

Currently my favorite phrase is: Hello and welcome to hell, we didn’t expect you so soon :)




any thoughts? :)

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