Pieces of Me (part 2): A Shoemaker

I love the elderly.

From a very young age, I have been fond of the them. I have always felt at peace around them and my heart swells with respect and love for them, even when they are complete strangers. I guess I learned to love and respect them because I had amazing grandparents. I only have one grandmother still alive. She lives in El Salvador and I wonder if I’ll ever see her again. She has come to visit several times but she is always too stubborn to stay and is always eager to go back.

My grandfathers were both very talented men, one was a musician and tailor and the other was a shoemaker and carpenter. I remember when I was younger (5-8 yrs old ) I would watch my grandpa make shoes. He had his “shop” set up in the back of the house, the shoes he would make he would sell. I will never know to whom, I was too small to ask then and it’s too late to ask now, he passed away some years ago. I never got to see him. I try to live my life free of regrets but perhaps this is one of them, never going back to El Salvador to visit my grandparents.

This was the last time I saw my grandpa. We were at the airport the day we came to Chicago January 16th 1997

I miss him terribly. He use to make me shoes. He made me a pair of white booties to go with my cheer leading outfit. I loved being a cheer-leader, I could twirl a baton like no one’s business. It was my favorite thing to do and I love the uniforms and booties had a small heels (super tiny ones you could barely see but they were heels to me). My mom didn’t want me to wear heels and I don’t blame her I was 5 but I begged my grandpa, papa Chepe my nickname for him, to make the booties with heels and he did, I was a happy camper! Here are some pictures of my cheer leading baton days unfortunately you cannot see the booties  :(

sorry for the low quality, these photos are scanned…

Stay tuned for: Pieces of me I wish I could erase (part III): A Boyscouts Story



  1. Aww. That was adorable! It makes me happy to see other people with so much respect for the elderly. I think the elderly are so wise and adorable. This post made me well up with happy tears, thanks for posting it!

    1. I shed a few tears while writing this post as well it brought back so many memories. It is also great to know that other young people value the elderly, I have always thought of them as the best form of history, I love hearing them talk about their lives and how things were when they were younger. One can learn so much just by listening to them, they all carry a great amount of wisdom with them. Thank you for stopping by :)

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